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Museum of Hungarian culture and Danube region

  The Danube Region Museum in Komarno had been functioning from its founding in 1886 until the end of the Second World War in the framework of various museal and educational societies. The Komárno District Museum was established in 1948 and was renamed into Danube Region Museum in 1949. The museum's rich stock of collections represents over 136 thousand objects of art and part of it can be seen in permanent and periodic exhibitions. The museum's Roman collection is the largest of its kind in Slovakia. The main building of the museum, the so – called Culture Palace was built in 1913 in the city centre according to the plans of Dezső Hültl, an architect from Budapest. The museum has other buildings used as stores and showrooms: the Zichy Palace in the town centre, the rebuilt building of the former county court of law, and also the Bastion VI in the suburb which was built in the 19th century as a part of the fortification line in Komárno.

  The Museum's Friends' Circle has been working already since 1972 and has 99 members today. In coordination with the schools the museum realises numerous educational programs.