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- Price list of sport and relaxation services
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Hotel Bow Garden offers 20 rooms equipped above standard with total capacity of 54 beds qualitatively...

Business Conditions

General business terms and conditions of accommodation in the Hotel Bow Garden


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Hotel Bow Garden offers 20 rooms equipped above standard with total capacity of 54 beds qualitatively devided into three categories:




All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with their own bathroom with shower or bath, colour TV with satellite reception, minibar and a charge-free Wi-Fi internet connection. All rooms are non-smoking.
Guests have charge-free services at their disposal:
- fitness centre
- deck chairs
- Wi-Fi internet connection in the whole area
The hotel offers a large scale of charged additional services:
- parking
- squash
- bowling
- beach volley-ball
- solarium
- hairdresser's
Vila Ester is an individual part of the Hotel Bow Garden which is a separate building with its own enclosed garden. It comprises perfect comfort in four luxuriously furnished rooms of "business" category. Guests can make their stay pleasant in a relaxation room equipped by dry sauna, plunge pool and deck chairs for a fee. The cosiness in Villa Ester is enhanced by an indoor garden, fireplace, separate kitchenette and last but not least, a large garden.


- room no.1 double-bedded room
- room no.2 suite with a triple-bedded room + spare bed
- room no.5 twin-bedded room
- room no.6 double-bedded room
- room no.8 triple-bedded room + spare bed
- room no.9   twin-bedded room
- room no.10 twin-bedded room
- room no.11 twin-bedded room
- room no.12 twin-bedded room + spare bed
- room no.13 twin-bedded room
- room no.3 suite with 2 twin-bedded rooms 
- room no.4 suite with a double-bedded + a twin-bedded room
- room no.7 suite with a double-bedded + twin-bedded room
- room no.14 four-bedded room
- room no.15 suite with 2 twin-bedded rooms  
- room no.20 twin-bedded room 
- room no.30 twin-bedded room 
- room no.40 twin-bedded room 
- room no.50 twin-bedded room