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Hotel Bow Garden offers 20 rooms equipped above standard with total capacity of 54 beds qualitatively...

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Congress Services

Hotel Bow Garden disposes of two conference rooms. Thanks to the variability of these rooms and top-class technical equipment, it is possible to organize workshops, courses, trainings, business and work meetings but also functions, banquets, parties, weddings, family gatherings and other more or less formal social events.

Gallery room


The capacity of the room is from 40 to 70 persons depending on the arrangement of tables. The area of the Gallery room is fully air-conditioned and offers the possibility for Wi-Fi internet connection. Besides the extraordinary architectonic solution of the room interior, its further advantages are day light, integrated sound system and controllable lighting. When organizing bigger company or social events, there is a possibility of connecting it to the restaurant which increases the capacity by 60 persons. A stylish terrace with area of 100 m2 is also a part of the Gallery room. We are able to provide refreshment on fresh air at customer's desire. This exceptional area can be used also for organizing different kinds of gatherings as e.g. barbecues mainly in summer.

Lounge Superior

The extraordinary space of the lounge is suitable for smaller groups up to 25 persons. A gallery of paintings makes the highly respectable visual aspect of the lounge more pleasant. A matter-of-course is a top-class presentation technology, an integrated sound system, the possibility for Wi-Fi internet connection and air-conditioning. A part of the lounge Superior is also an indoor garden and a relaxing part equipped with a fireplace.


Price list and equipment of conference rooms

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